Friday, July 31, 2015

The Summer of just getting it done


I am a list person, with this Summer finding me with a legal pad of things to address. On the medical front, I have been very proactive and addressing concerns both for myself as well as the kids. I am decluttering, selling what I can in the process. I have filled some needs as well as some wants. My body must know that I only have 3 weeks let as the past few mornings have me waking up at 4:40 a.m.-teacher's hours! So up early it was: laundry done, dish washer emptied, bfst made. I also managed to do the following:

-clear the sink drain (again!) in the Master bathroom. Since tackling it months ago, I thought I was being extra careful about hair going down it, yet that is exactly what was slowing it down again. Luckily, I was able to snake it myself
-called the hospital to speak with the next supervisor above the head of the last one I had worked with. Bottom line: their billing is loaded with errors, I've been trying to resolve multiple issues that stem as far back as April 2014 (not a typo!). I'm sceptical, but this newest supervisor (like those before her) assures me that she will fix this. Meanwhile, my accounts are frozen at the credit company they had sent me to. @@
-called the appliance store to make sure that they have the water filter I need again for the fridge. Sadly, they no longer carry it. Looks like Lowe's does (and on line price was significantly beter than what I previously paid)and I have a 10% off coupon. Lowe's is on the Sat errand list
-called to make sure that some medical records were transferred to the local hospital, where all of my MDs are affiliated and can access my test results, etc as I have yet another diagnostic test this upcoming week (mammograms)and last year's records are essential
-completed my questions list for my 2 upcoming MD appointments as well for next week
-called the rug cleaning service and arranged for pick up, small repair, cleaning of 5 area rugs. Pricey but a necessary evil. I maintain what I have and I want a clean home. In particular, I noted multiple dirty areas on thecream and beige dining room rug as well as the den rug. It's time.
-paid a medical bill over the phone, saved postage as a result
-contacted my firewood supplier, and am in the process of getting a cord delivered and stacked
-left a message with my chimney sweep, and await his call this evening (that's usually when he calls) to get the wood stove/chimney cleaned for the upcoming season
-made some follow up calls re sped kid.
-made appointment to have my windshield relaced (thanks pot hole!) next week, using an on-line promo code which covered most of the charge to have them come to me vs me going to a shop

All in all, a productive day!


Lee Ann said...

Just reading this makes me tired. 😜

Peggy Alameda said...


Earlier this year, I also had a billing problem with my hospital. It collected up front money from me for a procedure. When my insurance paid the bill, it kept delaying issuing me a refund check. They said that it takes 4 to 6 weeks to research and clear the payment. No matter how much I called, there was no progress. At my workplace, I have been on computer projects dealing with issues like this and I know that it does not take 4 to 6 weeks to research and issue refunds.

This got solved by filing a "grievance" with my health insurer (Anthem Blue Cross). I had no idea they would even help. They explained that the hard deadline for the hospital to get this resolved was 30 days after I filed the grievance. Since I had no faith that the hospital was going to refund my money after 4 to 6 weeks, I decided to give this a try and it worked like a charm. I got my money back.

I don't know if your insurer handles these issues as well but it might be worthwhile to call and see if you can file something about this. Sometimes insurers monitor how their in-network providers handle the patients to make sure that the providers are meeting their obligations. Good luck!