Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday supper: meatloaf

 Sunday breakfasr for those who partook: marked down, store brand "grads" biscuits w/ choice of assorted jams, scrambled eggs, OJ, coffee.

One kidlet who likes coffee, has to watch his caffeine levels, so I keep instant decaf on hand for him. The jar was older, so I have been serving him coffee this week as a means to use it up. Luckily, I recently came across a crash n burn jar of MH, so I grabbed it, knowing that I had an open, older jar to use up.

50% off=$3.49! Egads! I am paying just over $5 for a 34 oz can of coffee that lasts me a month.

Not wanting to waste anything, I added water to the almost empty jar and heated it up in the microwave; the old ajr is glass.

 Planned over Calico beans from last night, with the addition of 3 remaining fzn kielbasa dogs (DS#1 is notorious for raiding the freezer on me w/o asking if an ingrdient is spoken for)

so instead of 5 sausages, I had 3.  I sliced the sausages into pennies and after mixing them into the beans, I covered the casserole w/ foil and baked this beanies n weanies dish off in the tabletop, convection oven.
A ground beef-turkey meatloaf using the freshly made bread crumbs (bread heels, l/o garlic bread, stale crackers) and substituting a pouch of onion soup mix for chopped onion, skipping the celery all together(really hard for me), instant milk as I am out of fresh (DD is at work but will grab a jug on the way home), the rest of a wedge of Parmesan,  I managed to mix up a meatloaf that is now waiting in the fridge, to later be baked off in the aforementioned oven.

 Kitchen prep is very hard for me, so instant it is!

 Sides: mashed potatoes,canned corn.

My supper plate.

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