Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Summer cooking to beat the heat

Summer if officially upon us, yet another hazy, hot, humid day with no end in sight! Drapes closed, A/C's running, fans blowing. Trying to avoid adding any additional heat to the home=changing up some menus, although usually sticking with using the previously planned for ingredients.

Breakfasts have not included an baked goods, so we're eating down the cold cereal, I've had yogurt and fresh fruit, topped with high protein granola (a sale + cpn deal). OJ, coffee served daily.

Lunches remain the usual choice of leftovers or a sandwich. I keep a beverage bar on the counter top, replenish every morning, as needed. Besides ice water, generic koolaid, home brewed, unsweetened iced tea is available. One kidlet grabbed an apple juice and we have a l/o, opened bottle of soda from the weekend (not much by way of soda drinkers here).

 Sun's menu of BBQ chicken legs, rice n veg translated into grabbing a 2 count pkg of BSCB instead, and a box of colored pasta.
 I marinated the BSCB in homemade vinaigrette before baking off in the tabletop, convection oven. I let the meat rest as I prepaed the pasta salad, also vinaigrette based.
 I used 1/2 of a can of chic peas, decanting the water to experiment with as an egg substitute in baking.
 1/2 of a can of black olives were slided, some cukes and purple scallions as well.
 I added the sliced meat, served sliced tomato on the side. Delicious!
 Mondays bean burgers were scrapped, especially as I received more red/white/blue potatoes from the CSA. Egg-potato salad it became.
 I sauteed a Summer squash w/ the remaining part f a zuke, some scallions, fresh herbs as a side dish.
 Sliced, cold cuke spears were our "salad."
 My supper plate.
 I kept to Tuesday's plan as it was a soft food based meal (endoscopy day).
 Far, far from gourmet, but fits my budget and fills hungry bellies. This is a photo of the Parmesan-Romano cheese topped casserole before it was baked off in the convection oven.
Now baked, served w/ a pkg of fzn, mixed veggies. I really wasn't up to doing much more.

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