Friday, July 31, 2015

(mostly) vegetarian Thursday

 About every 2 weeks, I buy free range, organic eggs directly from a farmer friend. Last night's supper took advantage of this quality protein.
 I first made a salad of mixed, organic baby salad greens; organic arugula, chic peas, black olives, organic cucumber. Since I prepped it early in the day,
 I didn't add any tomato until serving time. Assorted dressings to choose from.
 An intentionally purchased convenience item, canned diced potatoes was called to service,
 along with some organic scallions, to make a batch of home fried potatoes, using saved bacon fat, salt, pepper, Paprika. I also steamed a blend of 3 different types of beans.
 For omelette fillings, I used up some Deli ham that needed to go, l/o cooked organicSummer and Zuke w/ organic purple pepper and organic scallions, some l/o shredded Cheddar plus I shredded some more from a block, from which I trimmed off a moldy bit. Quiche planned for next week, the rest will go then. I also diced a l/o, sliced tomato=a true fridge clean out.  These were very fritatta like, but delicious all the same.
I finally made the chocolate pudding pie, been a very, very long time since I made one!

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