Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Monday's eats

Monday morning's bfst choices came from the cold cereal bar I set up. Pushing what is on hand, before buying more. Fresh fruit to top cereal, if desired, coffee. OJ.
An anticipated lunch: cold, meatloaf sandwiches on whole wheat bread, dill pickle on the side.

Supper ended up being take out pizza, I was in agonizing pain (note I have high pain tolerance but refuse to go back to narcotics) from the ulnar nerve. Specialist feels it will resolve itself in time. Muscles, tendon, nerves are repositioning themselves as a hematoma is absorbed. Didn't have this with any of the previous 3 hand surgeries.
Image: http://www.wired.com/images_blogs/gadgetlab/2012/06/0621_AirConditioner.jpg

Additionally, DX agreed to come over and install my 3, new to me A/C's-weather has turned downright tropical . .not good for me, DS #2, or DD. I offered and he accepted payment for his trouble, was offered  pizza as part of his compensation as well.

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