Sunday, July 26, 2015

Medical update

Friday found me retourning to my orthopedic surgeon, short cast removed and I gingerly drove down the road to the rehab center of the hospital, so as to get this custom, removable for showering (otherwise it's on 24/7)spica brace. Before leaving, my MD and I discussed my continuing, chief medical complaint (remember, I have high pain tolerance):  ulnar nerve pain. He finds this "disconcerting" so I have a follow up with another orthopedist/pain specialist in over a week, to get an EMG and this second MD (a partner in the same practice, also affiliated w/ the hospital so he'll have immediate access to all of my records) will share his findings with me at the end of the appointment. I follow up with my orthopedist in about 1 month, just before I return to work. Meanwhile, orthopedist #2 will consult w/ my orthopedist.

I have set up my OT sessions (and will resume PT on my shoulder) in Sept, when my new plan year starts, and I again have 50 outpatient rehab visits. This upcoming month will also find me getting my mammograms, endoscopy, returning to my new rhumatologist, getting more blood/urine tests to determine if my new RX and vit D regimen has helped or not. RX medications are or will be topped up before the current plan year ends.

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