Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Medical update

 Mon morning found me phoning my orthopdist, and speaking directly with him, making an apppointment for early afternoon; the end result is a new cast, Apparently, the former one was compressing the ulnar nerve, causing the pins/needles feeling in my fingers, as well as swelling.
 My swollen hand
The new cast was actually done by the surgeon himself, as the tech was at lunch-unheard of in most parts, just shows the level of care I am getting.

I also stopped in at CVS to grab my one month supply of a maintenance medication, even thoough I had a duplicate RX script sent to my mail order company. Net result is getting 4 months, instead of 3 of the RX at no cost to me, as we've met the deductible. New medical plan changes are effective Sept 1 (previosly blogged about), so I a being proactive.

I also have been in contact with our insurance liaison, figuring out how I can get my soon to be made, custom brace covered  as a medical device and not an OT visit, for which I have exhausted my plan benefits for the plan year. I also pursued the knowledge that 2 of our medications are classified as "preventative RX" and will not apply to any deductibles and are to be covered at 100%. I have learned to ask the right questions.

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