Sunday, July 19, 2015

Just getting it done, yet saved considerable $ in the process


Since divorcing several years ago (I was married to someone who can fix ANYTHING), I've done some small, DIY fixes, but most of my household jobs have been hired out. I had used a franchise handyman service which comes with several advantages: licensed, bonded, insured, ability to schedule a specific day and time slot appointment. Even with their discount rewards program, they are expensive. Out of desperation, I recently paid DX to come over and install some window unit A/C's. He was paid and given pizzeria pizza and salad for supper. Today, a local handyman was here for 3 hours (previously here an hour trying to figure out how to install some drapery hardware), attending to numerous things: replacing lightbulbs in ceiling fixtures, cleaning dead bugs out of same, touching up paint on my new to me desk and a lamp that sits on it, repairing a broken knob on the desk, reinstalling a missing knob on same as well as installing a hanging file folder system, hanging up mirrors and a large water color painting, hanging drapery hardware, spackling holes, fixing LR drapery hardware bracket that was improperly installed, adding insulation panels to window A/C units, installing replacement knobs to my new to me tv stand, installing curtain hardware over the cellar to garage door so that I can hang an insulated door curtain over it come Fall, installing a small coat peg hook near same door. I am thrilled to get these things off of my list! I asked about paying him and he said $30/hr plus supplies (weren't any as I was prepared), forgetting the previous hour he was here (stating, nothing really got done). I told him that I pay for his time, it's 4 hours, fair is fair. $120 cash. The service would have cost me 3-4 times that. 

I have more work for my new handyman, he's supposed to stop some night this week to reglue (HM service already did this twice before)the 2 captain's chaires in the dining room. I also have a table to sand and paint, 3 Adirondack chairs to repaint, kitchen table legs to repaint and the dinette chairs to touch up. 

Happy lady here.

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Cheapchick said...

Sometimes it just feels great to get some things done and sorted - even if you have to pay for it.