Sunday, July 5, 2015

Household goods on a budget

 Pictured is the old, pressboard, rolling tv cart that was originally my parents (took it when they moved in 1995), and they had owned it for a while before that. Fast forward to my divorce in 2012, I took this with me when I moved out of the marital home, knowing that I'd be taking 50% of the household goods/possessions along with me. It served as my main tv stand for just shy of 3 years now. The "big butt" tv that it housed, recently died. Not owing me anything as it was old when I brought it with me, I have known that this was on borrowed time and would be replaced with a flat screen tv when the time came.
 I did some research and chose this 32 inch Samsung LED model that was on sale, offered free shipping. Perfect, and a definate upgrade in quality, compared to what we are used to.  Alas, my old tv stand is a bit too narrow to hold the new tv
 so it currently sits on the Den floor, along with the cable box, Xbox gaming system, vcr. Now I need a tv stand. I looked on line at a furniture store (Raymoor and Flannigan) as well as Target to get an idea on how much these cost.  Way more than I care to spend ($200 to $800 and up if I want more of a wall unit). Second hand it will be, so I ssearched under local FB tag sale sites and found this one:
 Solid oak, cut out for vcr/cable box
 enclosed space below for additional pieces (will have the back drilled out to run wires if needed. I have made arrangements with the selleer, who has agreed to deliver it for me. Only flaw: it needs a knob. I'll check out Habitat for Humanitty for that. Great price @$30, although I offered to pay a bit more if it was delivered, as I am limited due to my recent surgery. I plan on offering $40.
 I don't know the make of the soon to be mine tv stand, but it matches well with the f\other second hand furnishings I already have in the Den: a drop leaf table
a table with a drawer. Both are Lenoir House by Broyhill, and purchased at Habitat

The old tv stand? That's going up to my bedroom, where I have a second hand, smaller sized, "big butt" tv. A small luxury, I bought that second tv so I can watch/listen to the news before work/in the A.M. or in the evening, if not to view what little tv I do watch.

I furnished this Den over the last year, using second hand items:

 Matching couch, ottoman and love seat (not pictured) $300
 set of 2 matching table lamps
 and pole lamp $50
 what I suspect is a Pottery barn candle stick lamp $15
and I repurposed this smaller area rug (bought for under kitchen table in former rental). I  stick with neutrals (couch is olive/beige/brown tweed). I plan on moving out of this rental next Summer (ideally my own home, but a cheaper rental in the cuty will do). Whatever pieces I no longer wantcan't use, can be sold off for probably what I paid for them.


Belinda said...

I like the new TV stand, very nice looking! :)

Ms. Sandie said...

Nice new tv stand! So glad you are up to updating us so quickly.

CTMOM said...

Belinda/Sandie, I am anxious to take possession og the new to me tv stand. Seller is busy today, but will get back to me soon re: what day/time he can deliver to me.

Sandie, I am doing really welll, and am surprised that I got off narcotics as soon as I did (Fri night was last one). That's fast even for me! Advil remains on boards for swelling. Only concern is numbness in pinky n ring ringers. I will call MD tomorrow. I suspect the cast is compressing my hand/too tight.

Catherine said...

Love the "big butt" description!