Saturday, July 11, 2015

Saturday's cooking

A deliciously cool morning, so I chose oatmeal for breakfast, OJ, coffee.
 I blended the l/o 1/2 can of albacore from yesterday with 1 can each of albacor and ck lite tuna, along with mayo, dried onion, dill, black pepper to make tuna salad.

Lunch was tuna salad Swiss cheese melt sandwiches on Kaiser rolls.

Dinner: beef hamburgers on hamburger rolls, salad, pork beans (canned). I will be using the rest of the plain, pink beans l/o from yesterday for tonight's bean side dish.

 Pantry ingredients, including more beans to the rescue! I stocked up intentionally this Spring, knowing that I'd be turning to them.
 Cooking remains a challenge, I've covered my cast for hygenic purposes; the issue for me is not bing able to hold anything in the left hand, and this impacts my cutting, which currently is far from uniform.
 Calico beans simmering away.
Planned overs for Sunday's lunch.

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