Thursday, July 9, 2015

Filling some more household needs on a budget

 While my marital possessions included 2 A/Cs, both were old, and one was replaced in 2013. When we moved here, the LL provided one new A/C and a really old second one (she had cardboard used as one of the side panels). I asked her to remove the ancient one, and she offered it to a tenant in another of her rental homes. Fine. This home has an attic whole house fan, which is awesome (on to do list of my next forever home), but there are some restless nights all the same, as well as some days were air quality impacts my asthma. Darn it, wouldn't it figure that my new A/C is too large for the window? so we trudged on last Summer. This year, I planned on getting A/C in all bedrooms, if possible. Got one off of a FB town tagsale site: $60, only used last Summer in a guest room. Awesome!

 This week, I grabbed 2 more, again thru FB tagsale sites, paying $50 each. Done. One A/C can easily run $150, so I am pleased. I have a laundry list of things for a local handyman (vs the franchise service I have used in the past) and he's scheduled to come Sat, unless he is rained out tomorrow, then he'll come Fri.

Just prior to my recent surgery, I went through alot of paperwork, culled a lot, recycling a lot in the process. Still, many folders and some papers are left out. My make do system with a student sized desk simply isn't working. Add in that while the twins shared a room, neither could have a desk, due to space restrictions. Now that they have their own rooms, desks are welcomed. DS #3 got his desk but DD had taken DS#2's and doesn't want to give it up, due to storage. I will give my desk to DS and acquir an adult desk for myself. I looked on line and am shocked by asking prices for new desks. I insist on wood, no pressboard, dovetailed joints, at least one file drawer, no hutch/credenz and no computer sliding drawer as we all have laptops (use less energy than desktops). So, I posted my need, in search of, on multiple FB local tagsale sites and got several hits.
This is what I am getting tomorrow, if not Saturday: cherry and painted black wood. 2 drawers on left, one center drawer, a file cabinet on right. (missing knob is available to be reattached)
 Dovetailed joints
 Ethan Allen
 Wear on front, painted black areas, owner suspects that is due to chair rubbing up against it. I will touch this up.

Price $175 plus extra $70 to have a local college boy and a friend deliver it from southern portion of town South of here, to my home, located in the Northen section of this town-a good 20-30 minutes. While this particular furniture line is no longer being produced by Ethan Allen, a comparable desk  retails for $1429.

 I'll be happy once I take ownership, move furniture around a bit, decluttering some more. Every Summer, I try to go through and declutter, bags are accumulating for a thrift donation, which is psychologically uplifting as "stuff" seems to weigh one down.


DW said...

Sounds like you're picking up some wonderful deals! Love that desk!

CTMOM said...

DW, at 51 y.o., I am finally getting a grown up desk!

Marcia in rural WNY said...

That is a good one. I'm also in a quandry about what to do about desks. We used to share one desktop computer. DH bought a laptop and didn't like it. Gave me the laptop. which I have in the living room My household files are all at my (former) desk near the desktop. Currently using a box to keep things in until I pay, etc. then file. Messy and inefficient. Need to think up something else but don't know what.

saraband said...

I so agree about "stuff" weighing you down. My DH tends never to throw anything away in case it might come in useful but when we downsized we simply had to de-clutter and it was a very liberating experience (for me, at least!). Now, if we're considering getting something new for our home, my first thought is "where will we keep it?".