Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Decluttering and meeting Summer goals

I've been running through my initially massive lists of "to do's" this Summer, and spening some saved monies in the process. Great to get some wants/needs addressed/acquired but Summer finances being what they are, it makes me a bit nervous at the same time (spending $). This morning finds me $100 richer, thanks to selling off my like new, dehumidifier. Although an energy star model, while used only while running the washer at the former rental, it proved to be an electricity hog, costing me $60 more that first month in use. It was then promptly unplugged, I used Dollar Tree moisture tubs/bags instead. This rental has a totally dry basement except for ubber humid days such as today, when the cold well water makes the overhead pipes sweat. Again, Dollar Tree to the rescue @ $2/month. Works for me.

The $100 covers 2 of the second hand A/C's I just bought AND gets something I no longer want, nor will be willing to pay to move next Summer, out of my possession. Buyer got a good deal-we're both happy.

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