Sunday, July 26, 2015

Decluttering and making some cash in the process


I have several goals this Summer, one of which is to declutter and unload anything/everything we are not using and will most likely not be using. A pile is growing for donation but I am also posting some things on various, local facebook town tagsale sites. This week, for example, I listed an assortment of school supplies from my kid's younger years as a bulk sale,selling that  for $15. I also listed the 2 under the bed, plastic storage bins with wheels for $20-I have several lined up to take them off of my hands . $35 to get stuff out of here-nice!

 I now have a sharp eye as I view all of my possessions, and see more to post and hopefully get some cash for. Besides c/s, I have no income for the Summer-this is a win-win for me. I already know that we are moving next Summer-hopefullly to a forever home. I must downsize; I can't sustain living here (rental) beyond next Summer, when C/s stops and I need to downsize. The past few years post divorce has found me filling gaps, possession wise, and 95% of the time-second hand. Depending upon what my next housing situation is, I anticipate unloading some of what I bought, most likely for the same amount as I paid.

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Ella & Devin said...

Hi, I just found your blog. I'm really liking it so far. =]

I really need to go through my stuff and clean out some. Especially before I move in a few months.