Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Crock Pot Tuesday, and our 3 squares today

Breakfast this morning: choice of cold cereal (I finished the corn flakes) and organic CSA blueberries, yogurt, OJ (not pictured), coffee
Cereal "dust" emptied into awaiting bread crumb jar, wax liner stored for sandwich wrapping

Grilled ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch
 Supper is already started: making a veggie marinara (onions, peppers, mushrooms)
defrosting some Italian blend cheese

On the menu: chicken Parmesan over linguini, tossed salad, garlic-Parmesan toasts


Theresa F said...

Yummy!!! Want some company for dinner? :)

Lee Ann said...

do you have a name for your crockpot like Judy did? LOL

BTW the foods sounds yummy!

young77 said...

Once again this now-80-yrs-young woman learns something new from you, Carol. Saving cereal "dust" to use as crumbs. I will from now on!! Thanks, Shirley

CTMOM said...

Shirley, since dry cereal (not the sweet kid stuff) is often used in place of bread crumbs, wht waste the dregs of the cereal bag that no one seems to care for in the cereal bowl? if my rare chance I do have sweetened cereal, that cereal bag dust is saved separately for adding to fruit crisps, cookie dough, bread puddings where it'll blend right in.

carol pavlik said...

Hi Carol...I am glad you are recovering well. I have a couple comments about past posts. I also had many "friends" on the aol message boards. The onlyboard I can remember was Kitchen Frugality. One of the posters on that board even sent me a small electric pressure cooker when I expressed dismay that they were not being made. I learned many things from those boards including the tip that you can make buttermilk with one cup of buttermilk and 4 cups of regular milk left on the counter overnight. But I also wanted to ask you about your CSA. You are paying good money for it. Does it bother you that they include PYO items? Anyway love your blog and look forward to learning from you.

CTMOM said...

Carol-pyo=pick your own. No, doesn't bother me, it's part of the experience. : )
I miss having my own garden, this is a good compromise.

young77 said...

Got it!! I always save the bag the cereal comes in after emptying aka throwing away the "dust" - Just shaking my head at myself! It takes a village!! Have a good day! Shirley