Thursday, July 9, 2015

Cheater's chicken Parmesan

 Yesterday was horribly hot and super humid, but supper plans continued. CP set up early in the day with homemade marinara. Once the dinner hour approached, it was a quick to assemble affair. First, I boiled a pot of water and got 1 lb linguini cooking in salted water.
 Next, 4 fzn, breaded chicken breast cutlets were cooked in the tabletop, convection oven
 I then unwrapped 4 previously prepped then frozen, garlic-Parmesan-rosemary ciabatta rolls, placing them in a square, glass pan.
 Once the chicken was hot, I topped each cutlet with sauce
 then added Italian blend cheeses, baking them some more
 Meanwhile, I added sauce to the pasta
 Once the cheese was melted, the rolls took their place in the oven
extra sauce offered, as well as Parmesan for the pasta.

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