Sunday, July 12, 2015

August 2015 menus


Already approaching mid July this week, so time to menu plan my dinners for August. my most difficult month, financially. By planning ahead, I can control my expenses better, focus on using what is on hand and this helps to calm my nerves, as I have 2 more months until I start getting paid again. My vegetable sides are TBD based upon our CSA shares, unless noted otherwise. Salad served nightly unless coleslaw planned instead

1-chef's salad
2- BSTB (turkey) roulades, using fzn homemade stuffing, fzn homemade gravy, beets + veggie
3-creamed salmon (use canned) over boiled potaroes, veg
4-spaghetti w/ homemade sauce (use fzn Ital sausage), fzn garlic rolls
5-homemade black bean burgers on rolls, tater tots, veg
6-veg quiche, salad, veg
7-sloppy joes (planned over fzn), carrot sticks
8-egg salad sandwiches
9-pork cop bake (use fzn chops), jarred apple sauce, fzn rosemary-garlic fingerlings, veg
10-baked white fish, Basmatti rice, veg
11-hamburger and macaroni (*substitute Ital sausage), fzn garlic rolls
12-fzn kielbasa dogs-grilled, home fries, veg, cole slaw
13-birthday celebration TBD
14-homemade Pepperoni pizza
15-tuna sandwiches
16-BBQ chicken, Jasmine rice, coleslaw, 2 veg
17-tuna cakes, onion rings, veg, p/o slaw
18-CP Swiss steaks, egg noodles, veg
19-penne w/ vodka sauce (jarred), peas
20-stir fry, Basmatti rice, fzn pot stickers
21-hot dogs (fzn), baked beans, coleslaw
22-Italian pasta salad
23-grilled, marinated BSCB, buttered garlic farfalle, veg
24-salmon cakes (use canned), veg, slaw
25-CP chicken cacciatore (use fzn bone in ck), brown rice
27-baked ziti w/ Italian cheeses(fzn) (use p/o caciatore sauce), fzn garlic rolls
29-beef burgers (fzn)
30-Kale (fzn)-Ital sausage-Cheddar quiche, veg

We will eat, we will eat well, and there will be more food remaining to take me into September

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