Sunday, July 19, 2015

Attacking the mending pile

I attacked my growing mending pile, this afternoon.

 a pair of cotton boxers thar looked like they somehow got caught on a nail
 a fraying edge on a cotton dish rag was turned under and sewn shut, so as to reinforce it. I also resewed an open seam on a previously repaired, bath towel (not pictured)
 a thin, terry dish towel was cut in half, and we now have 2 "fancy rags" for cleaning
 DD's inner seam on a pair of leggings was restitched
 the loose/undone seam arounf the zipper of a pillow protector was resewn
a vintage, cotton, twin top sheet's fraying edge was turned over twice and resewn, using some probably equally vintage, baby blue thread from my stash of inherited threads.

Got about an hour's worth done before I had to stop, there's plenty more to repair this Summer. Good to get these things back into rotation.

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Florence said...

I thought I was the only person on earth who mended things these days!