Sunday, July 12, 2015

Addressing wants and needs this Summer

Besides addressing medical concerns over the past few months, this Summer now that I am off work, finds me addressing some household furnishing wants and needs, prioritizing needs over wants.

 Having moved the twins into separate rooms, I completed their furnishings by acquiring 2 lamps, 2 sets of drapes. I moved some of our furnishings around, such as storing sewing supplies in a deep plastic tub so DS #3 could have a small dresser near his bed, functioning also as a night table for him.  I acquired a large mirror for over my bureau, will be giving DS#2 my current, small mirror  for over his. I acquired an adult sized desk, am giving DS#2 my old, student sized desk. I've bought 3 used, window A/C as my own are physically too large for the windows here. Our main tv finally died, so it was replaced with a brand new flatscreen, taking advantage of a sale, as well as a free shipping promo.  We discovered that out tv stand was a smidge too narrow, I acquired a replacement, moving the old stand to my room, gladly getting my smaller tv off of my bureau.

Some kitchen items have been on the list: I replaced a beoken, Pyrex rectangular casserole with a glass Pyrex 13 x 9 x 2, I got a Pampered chef medium bar pan but have continued to look for the large sized one, something I truely miss, having broken mine a few years ago.

Other than the flatscreen tv and one lamp, everything has been second hand. My most frequently used source has been local town Facebook tag sale sites; I belong to about 6 of them. While there is a search box feature which has proven helpful, I also post "ISO" in search of and list what my wants and needs are. Often, I will get responses from members who have not posted an item for sale but who are reminded by my ISO that they have X, no longer need/want it and now here's someone looking to buy it!  My list shrinks, and I was thrilled when I got this reply yesterday:

 A fellow town member contacted me about a Pampered Chef bar pan, size large that was gathering dust in her home. Like new, in box, she only used it once for Rice Krispy bars. She suggested a price. I checked on line for  retail, and countered. She accepted.
We met earlier today, and I now have the bar pan I have been patiently waiting for. It seems that eventually, I can get what we want/need for a budget price I can afford to pay. I set aside funds onthly to address HH furnishings/wares.

I am pretty pleased with myself as regards my progress.

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Belinda said...

I love this, Carol. A great way to get what you need. :)