Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A kid's classic, getting more things off of the "To do" list

Breakfast wasn't too exciting, I had oatmeal, OJ, coffee while one kidlet had cereal with milk, a cup of vanilla yogurt, coffee.  I left early as I had yet another medical appointment, this time with my gastroenterologist. Good check up, got him to call in a month's supply of my RX and to FAX a mail order supply (3 month refills, refillable 4 times over the next year)in to my insurance company. Stopped at the local CVS, and they filled the RX with generic (this is one drug where name brand makes a big difference to my body) so I had them change it to name brand. They didn't have enough but would give me 5 day's worth and I could return tomorrow, when more will be in. No worries, just refill it for tomorrow. This will give me 4 months of very expensive RX at no cost, as effective Sept 1, we pay for everything until we hit 2 different deductibles (previously posted). I also set up an endoscopy for later this month. Both the upcoming procedure, as well as the MD's visit are today's freebies, along with the soon to be acquired RX's.


Once home,I picked up the 2 cats and brought them over to the Vet for their annual check up, and vacinations. Not cheap, but preventative care is essential, IMO, when owning pets. I plan for these visits and set aside monies monthly in my budget, to be used. Done.

Back home, it was lunch for 2, so I pulled this out of my repetoire:

Fluffanutters! (always on warm, toasted white bread so that they are all melty) I can't remember the last time I had one, it was good for a change. I have this old jar of Fluff on the kitchen shelf, it needs to be used up, and it helps to avoid buying cold cuts, which I am drastically limiting/avoiding along with all purchases this Summer, unless preplanned.

Out once again, this time for my last PT appointment for my fractured shoulder. I've come far, this was expensive, as I have to pay OOP, since I exhausted my benefit for the plan "year." Not optional, IMO, and worth every penny.

Tonight is dinner for 2, I am thinking chef's salads. I have a lot of lettuce on hand at the moment.


Tomorrow morning will once again find me at the surgical center of the local hospital, this time to get my left thumb OA addressed. I will actually get 2 procedures done at the same time/operation: one joint is getting replaced and the other is being permanently fused, due to hypermobility which simply aggrevates the OA issue. This thumb is now bone on bone, as the other one was. I did what I could, I faithfully wore my splints, but it has deteriorated to a very painful condition. I have high pain tolerance, so if something hurts, I know it's not a good sign. I am in great hands with my beloved orthopedist (no pun intended). I will be on/off for a few days, no worries. I am usually completely off the strong stuff within 5-7 days.  I've planned ahead as best I could, getting prepared, and the family prepared. We've got this. : )


janie said...

Good luck, Janie

Marcia in rural WNY said...

They must know you by your first name at the surgery center. My sister raised 10 kids--6 of hers, and 4 of her grandkids--she was on a first name basis with the ER!! Weird things happen with so many kids. (the 6 and 4 were at separate times)

Hope everything goes well. I'm interested in the joint replacement as when I had my bunionectomy, the doctor told me the joint would probably need replacement eventually, although it has been probably 15 years since then and it rarely hurts at all. Of course, I only wear flats these days, too. My grand-daughter is already mentioning "bunions" and she's only 23. I told her to wear flats, but I assume you can guess what saying that to a 23 year old is worth. Save your breath!

CT Bargain Mom said...

Best of luck with your surgery! Looking forward to seeing you back posting soon

Julie Vidani said...

I hope everything goes even better than planned! hoping for a quick recovery.

Kathy Richter said...

I had the bone on bone in my thumbs. Instead of fusion or artificial joints I had the trapezius bone removed. Have been pain free since. Had them done at separate times as had to have a cast, splint and then PT. well worth it as I could hardly knit because of the pain.

CTMOM said...

Kathy, I had the cmc joint replaced using a lrti method, and the mp fused due to hypermobility