Saturday, June 20, 2015

What's been cooking? and moving to Summer mode

 Thursday's offerings: we were getting sick of pasta, after having several Italian style pasta meals recently, so I moved off of the menus. Marinating BSCB in some cheapo Italian dressing that had been in the fridge also cued me in to what to prepare. 2 large BSCB were used to feed 4. I placed them on a Pam sprayed tray that came with my table top, convection mini oven. It's on it's last legs, but I certainly have gotten my money's worth over the years. Gotta be ubber careful when making toast, as it can burn easily. For now, it works, and I am watching for a deal to replace it perhaps this Summer. This is not an item I'll purchase used.
 Repurposed aluminum foil hauled back into yet another use. I reuse it, trimming it as it gets torn, until eventually all of it is recycled. Expensive stuff, so again, I extend it's use for as long as possible.
 The covered chicken in the mini oven. Smelled awesome as it baked off!
 Noodle mix bought on sale plus large coupon translated into 50 cents/pouch. I cooked up both.
 Fresh, organic, farm picked by me, sugar snap peas. I steamed some long in the tooth carrots, adding the peas towards the end. Using my steamer (a double boiler type set up used on the stove top) is another way to economise on electric use.
 My dinner plate. 2 slices of meat was more than sufficient.
Friday night was dinner for 2. Officially, I only have one day left of work (Mon) which will be an all day workshop. All of my regular work is done, completed, my end of year check off is signed and submitted. DONE! Friday night normally finds me exhausted, and yesterday was no exception. I was tempted to simply order out a pizza at our favorite Greek pizzeria, but used restraint-we are now in Summer mode. I mixed up a batch of homemade pizza dough, a batch of homemade pizza sauce and topped this large pizza with about 1/4 lb hot Italian sausage (the 1/2 lb I set aside from earlier in the week was too much so the rest is frozen), a medium onion, some black olives, some fresh mushrooms, some Pepperoni. I used a blend of pizza cheese (sale) and hand grated Parmesan. Delicious! and savings in my wallet. Leftovers will be DD's lunch at work today. I have earmarked other L/O for my lunch. Eating it up, before it goes bad.

Anything I can do to economise, I must. I will get one more paycheck (6/30) and then the income stream is dried up until Sept 15. I just received my June C/S, and can expect to also receive C/S once a month in July and Aug. DX has been pretty good about that, only a few times forgetting and submitting it a few days late. While it helps, and provides a cushion, it is my salary pays for the bulk of our family living expenses.

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