Thursday, June 25, 2015

We're officially in Summer mode here!

 While I hear the hum of neighbor's A/C units, even on a nice day, we resort to open windows, ceiling fans, the whole house fan
 I also have a fan stationed in the kitchen as well as my bedroom. A cooling breeze seems to really help. Only DD has A/C (allergies) and it's because the LL provided it. (a window unit). While I own 2 of my own, they are physically too large for these smaller windows. I am actively pursuing acquiring more, smaller ones thru second hand sources such as Facebook tagsale sites. I just bought one tonight: one year old, used in a guest bedroom. $60. Don't know what our next housing situation will be, but if I don't need these A/C's, I will sell them for what I paid.
 While sleeping in is a relative term, I am still taking advantage of being an early riser. The boys received a lot of clothing for their recent birthdays and it was time to launder before placing them in their rooms. 2 loads on the line
 more on the racks inside, with the sunroom windows open. Except for whites and towels (washed in warm), all laundry is done in cold. I only use the dryer for towels, only drying for 25 minutes before hanging them to finish drying. A dryer load costs me approx. $1. Even though we are down to a family of 4, I am ever mindful of electric use.

Lunch on Tues was broiled beef burgers for 2. Naturally, I turned to the table top, convection oven to cook. It's on it's last legs (have to be very careful when making toast or it'll quickly burn) but for now, it's chugging along. Eventually, it will be replaced with a new one.
 Ever mindful of finances (one more check on 6/30 then the salary dries up until Sept), I am reviewing my budget, tweaking. I also came across this planner I had.
 I am using it to plan all three meals of the day, with options listed, as appropriate.
Excess from the CSA is being preserved, such as these herbs, now drying in my kitchen before placing and storing in a covered Mason jar.

I am making lists of wants and needs to fulfill this Summer, while I am off work.


Lee Ann said...

I like that planner!

M said...

Hi! What kind of drying rack is in the corner of the 4th picture? Thanks!

CTMOM said...

Not the exact one, but here is a comparable one:

I got mine @ Aldis-great for drying shirts on hangers