Saturday, June 20, 2015

Unbelievable grocey haul! aka Crash and Burn at it's best

 All of these came from 2 different Stop and Shop stores, both located in the same city, within my driving loop for errands. I haven't had a Crash and Burn run like this in a very, very long time! Guess how much this cost? Picture isn't great, so here are some close ups:

I'm calling this "dairy": 3 4 ct pkgs of individual Greek yogurts, 2 tubes of store brand "Grands", an 18 count pkg of large eggs (with only 17 eggs), 1 box granola bars, 1 box Shake n bake for pork (but I'll use it on chicken also)

 Meat includes 4 pkgs apple chicken sausage, 2 pkgs of sweet Italian sausages, an 8 ct pkg of center cut pork chops, 3 4 count pkgs of turkey breast cutlets, a dozen free range eggs (actually an 11 count box)
 pantry goods: 2 boxes organic "honey nut cheerios," 8 12 oz bottles of USA (important to me) clover honey, a box of 4 Good seasonings salad vinaigrette mix, 1 15 oz can diced tomatoes with basil/garlic/onion, 1 can small red beans, 4 cans pink beans, 1 larger can decaf instant coffee Maxwell house brand, 1 Jif Cashew butter, 1 Jif "nutella," 1 Hershey's "nutella," 1 pkg dried pink beans, 4 pkgs dried small red beans, 1 box instant Tapioca (the only thing I paid full price for!)
 Breads: 1 6 ct pkg Kaiser rolls, 1 premade Garlic bread, 1 box large croissants, 1 box small croissants, 1 Challah bread (French toast tomorrow!), 2 8 count bags of small Ciabatta rolls (more on that on another post)
 another dozen eggs (again 11 count) this time JUMBO!, 2 8 count boxes of store bakery rugulla-a treat to be sure! They retail for $4.99 normally-Egads! I noted that one of these 2 stores has a clearly marked "Dairy marked down" section. The offerings in that store were Pillsbury tubes of French bread. Not interested. The dairy deals were found at the second store, which didn't have an identified reduced section, yet offered many more reductions. The local S & S just 5-10 minutes from here? no marked downs EVER! This is why I shop in the city, simply too expensive around here.
Produce: over 7 lbs (separated into 3 plastic baggies) of red Bliss potatoes, 2 heads Iceberg-one kidlet's favorite-blech! , a large bag of red peppers that I'll cut up and freeze.

What's your guess? I'll post the actual total later.


Florence said...


Ms. Sandie said...

51 dollars!

Ms. Sandie said...

And I am envious!

CT Bargain Mom said...

$71.86! I was at shop rite in new London last week - they used go have good crash & burn but there was zippo! So disappointed :-(

Belinda said...

Wow, great deals!!!

TrayceeBee said...

Seeing how you are able to score such amazing deals, I'm going to guess around 85.00 since there was so much meat included. But I bet it is probably going to blow my mind and be even lower!

Marcia in rural WNY said...

My estimate was going to be $120---you got some fantastic deals there, because I thought I was estimating on the low side!! I pick up an occasional mark down but since I usually shop later than 11 am and often as late as 3 PM, I don't find many. Our store does their mark downs early in the day most of the time.

Kathy said...

Wow! Great deals!