Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Today's freebies, and a bargain

Image: http://www.adultdentistry.net/images/services-gallery/limpiezas/dental-cleaning.jpg

More medical or rather, dental, appointments: today had me getting my 6 month cleaning. No charge, as this dentist is in plan. Great. Scheduled my 12 month follow up, I already have my 6 month.

 Someone posted a freebie on the town Facebook tagsale site, so I grabbed these clothes horses. One of mine is busted, held together a bit precariously with duct tape, and a second one needs some screws and washers (I can't use it at the moment). These all fold flat and are made of a very heavy duty, steel. I envision towels on this one.
 This one adjusts in many ways and has a flat area for sweaters
A narrow version of my typical one. A pair of boxers would probably fit on each rung.

All for FREE! nice,

Another local town, Facebook tag sale site sent a seller to me, with this cream based, porceline lamp with white shade. She even gave me a working CFL. $10. She originally paid $45 at HomeGoods for this. DS now has a lamp, too.


Florence said...

You did get some good deals, free being the best deal of all. Those look like very good clothes drying racks!😀

Belinda said...

Wow, very nice freebies! Those clothes horses can be expensive, great find! :)