Saturday, June 13, 2015

Today's finds

 List of household goods needed in hand, I hit the second hand stores today. I chanced that the above dimmer knob would work  on the control for the whole house fan that is in my room. (we are using a flathead screwdriver, as suggested by the LL). Nope-doesn't work, so I'll probably donate this back. Only $1
 2 1/2 bags of trash = $3 fee today and I also bought my annual transfer station sticker @ $25. Set for the year now. Grabbed this Good seasonings cruet from the freebie shed.
 Goodwill: a leather wallet, an opened but all contents remain box of tampons $3, a 2 pair count pkg of black trouser socks @ $1, a Vera Bradley HUGE quilted tote bag $14.25. I've always admired these VB bags but they retail for $80 and up! I already have a new to me, smaller one (great to take books to/from library) and wanted something larger. Nice finds.
This wallet was actually 1/2 price, so I paid $3. Hard to see but it says "genuine leather" above the metal snap.


Rachel said...

Awesome finds. Love the colors and pattern on your new tote bag. Very nice.

Belinda said...

Great finds. I love the Vera Bradley bag and what a great price. :)