Thursday, June 25, 2015

Today's bargains

 An early medical appointment brought DS and I to the city just at the time when marked downs take place. Needing a new toothbrush, we stopped in at the store, ending up with this: a chocolate birthday cake, 2 bags of bananas, 5 pkgs of hot Italian sausage, , a bag of cherries (on sale, not a marked down)
 8 Greek yogurts with honey, 2 Greek banana foster yogurts, a box Sofasilk cake flour, a box of oatmeal packets
 This will be the Summer of sausage: more sausages for my freezer, which normally retail for $5.49/lb, I paid $2.49 instead-cheaper than Aldi's prices
 2 1/2 links = 1/2 lb or 10 meal's worth for us
 Here's the second birthday cake. With Tuesday's storm, I have been unable to bake.
A bonus and RARE treat for us: a dozen donuts.

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