Thursday, June 18, 2015

The results are in


Blood and 24 hour urine test results are in, I have spoken with my new MD. Besides the low vitamin D, I have a really high calcium level in my urine. All that healthy eating, and this mineral is not getting to where it needs to be. Low D impacts this as well. So, I am adding (will start Sat in case of any ill effects) with yet another "for life" RX, which I am far from happy about. I am a less is more kind of gal. Then in about 7 weeks, I will repeat the aforemention lab tests and hopefully, gain better results.  The good news is that my bone density scan was good, lowest T score was -1.5.  Not really sure what that means or where physically was the issue, but MD said not to be overly concerned, so I am not. I'll have more questions when I see him again. I will get a second bone scan in 2 years.


CT Bargain Mom said...

My hubby has low vitamin d levels as well, partly from his surgery (gi) and partly from not being able to tolerate dairy. The nutritionist he sees has him take tablets to help. And he takes sublingual b12 daily too. The recommended he take the D with a meal for better absorbstion it's worked, his levels are much better now (not perfect) but much healthier than they were. The b12 helps too I think. I get them at the health food store or whole foods if I'm near one.

Arden said...

I had low D levels over the winter. I am taking the rx and the otc supplement but I'm concerned about a few studies that show higher risk of fractures in old age after long term D supplementation.
I am suspicious though. Almost everyone leaving my drs. office came out with an rx for D. I think it's the new trend.

Ms. Sandie said...

Have they given you any idea on why your body isn't absorbing calcium/vitamin D and just expelling it?

Lee Ann said...

I too don't like to take medication for the long term but sometimes we can't avoid it. I have heard a lot about Vitamin D lately. I have a B12 deficiency and don't take what I am supposed to. I need to get better about this.