Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday supper

Marked down apple-chicken sausage, the rest of some Havarti with dill and 4 eggs will be transformed into a quiche for supper tonight. Sides will be sauteed, mixed braising greens (a blend of assorted Kales, Swiss chard, Spinach) with butter and garlic, a green salad with choice of dressing.

While I am defrosting an entire package of sausages, and will brown all of  them, half will be used for supper, the remaining half returned to the freezer for a future quiche.


Kearnygirl said...

You are the master budgeter! I wish I was that diligent about our budget. Also, I was wondering if you could maybe give me a little advice about why my quiche was not as firm as usual? I have made many quiches and this time I let it cook around an hour but after I let it sit for awhile (out of the oven (cooling off), I cut a piece and it almost looked like scrambled eggs! It tasted good but was a different consistency than usual. I followed the recipe like I always do but it wasn't the same. I used fresh mushrooms, some diced up ham, cheddar cheese, onions, 4 eggs, 2 cups of milk. I don't get it. What went wrong? Even after it sat for awhile, it was very soft. It fell apart when I cut it with a pie cutter which never happens. Any thoughts? I'm asking because I see that you make quiche.

CTMOM said...

Kearny, did you precook the vegetables first? If not, there is a lot of water given off and that would have impacted the quiche. Also, do you always use 2 cups milk? that seems like a lot, compared to the recipe I've been using for some time. How much cheese did you use? Is your oven temp working correctly? Just some ideas! HTH!

Kearnygirl said...

Hi, I didn't precook the veg first. And I think I did use too much milk? Maybe. I never precook the veg but I used mushrooms and they do have a high water content. Thanks for the suggestions! I'll remember to cook them next time. Actually, I usually use peppers, onions and sometimes broccoli or whatever veg I have on hand. This time it was mushrooms that I wanted to use up. Maybe that's what did it? Anyway, thanks again for your advice. I appreciate it.
P.S. How much milk does your recipe say to use?