Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sunday supper: Shake n bake chicken legs

 38 cents/lb chicken leg quarters were the base of Sunday supper this week
 It's been a very, very long time since we had Shake n bake, one of my recent Crash n burn finds
 a box of reduced sodium Rice a roni-also a c n b find
 Summer squash and fresh dill in the steamer pot
 I planned on adding some fzn peas for color, but couldn't readily find some, so green beans it was
 organic CSA cabbage and some Aldi's coleslaw dressing (a new item for me) quickly became a cole slaw as our fresh salad offering
 DS's supper plate
 Earlier in the day, I managed to bake off a double batch of banana-chocolate chip muffins. Kids are off school now, but I have one more day of workshops to attend tomorrow. Grab n go bfst is welcomed!
It also allowed me to use up the buttermilk as well as some already prepared earlier in the week, banana puree. I still have some fresh bananas that turned quickly this week, to use up. I am thinking perhaps a cake.


CT Bargain Mom said...

Your dinner looked great! Love the S & B on sale - it's wicked expensive unless it's on clearance or a good coupon, which is why I make it homemade most times.

NJB said...

How was that coleslaw dressing? Does it compare to Marzetti? GF likes Marzetti although at home I prefer to make the copycat KFC coleslaw and the "dressing" from scratch that is included in that.

CTMOM said...

Nancy, I usually make my own, but wanted to try this as a "Mom's having surgery but we (kids) have got to cook" intervention. It wasn't expensive, like Marzettis which is very good. The Aldi's is also a good product, I did add celery seed and black pepper as those spices are dominant in my own dressing, I guess you'd say I doctored it up. I liek the Aldi's esp at that price point as a convenience item as long as it prevents a trip to the store/premade/packaged stuff.

CT Bargain Mom said...

I make a vinegar based coleslaw dressing - it's da bomb! Keeps it crispy for a couple days. (I've never liked mayo - which makes tuna salad interesting - lol)

CTMOM said...

CTBargain-could you share your slaw recipe? TIA