Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday supper: Cubed steaks with tomato over egg noodles

Sunday supper this week, gets a 4 count bag of large cubed steaks (I only ever buy these when marked down) out of the garage freezer. I will dredge them in seasoned flour and brown in some reserved pork fat, then remove them to an awaiting plate while I brown some sliced onions. The meat will be returned to the skillet, then cover with the contents of a large can of stewed tomatoes, some herbs, a splash of red wine.

A quick salad, using up the rest of the grape tomatoes. Choice of dressing offered.

The pan will be covered and this will simmer a bit, to be served over egg noodles. A large salad and a vegetable TBD will accompany.

Plans today include some household chores, some baking, as well as some grading.

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