Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday breakfast or brunch in the case of mono kid

 Unearthed this piece of leftover, corned beef that I had forgotten about in the kitchen freezer. This became the inspiration for this morning's big breakfast. Breakfast during the week is kind of boring, simple, even during the Summer months, so I continue to offer a nice one come Sunday.
 I sliced and fried 4 of the marked down, Red Bliss potatoes I recently bought,
 naturally turning to my awaiting jar of bacon/pork sausage fat in the fridge- a great by product of cooking those more expensive, breakfast items is the fat that is rendered. This saves my cooking oil, butter/margarine for other cooking, adding great flavor to the meal in the process.
 I chopped a large onion
 Ground the corned beef in the Cuisinart
 Once the potatoes were soft (I had the frying pan covered to speed this along), I added the onions, ground meat, some black pepper (plenty of salt already in the meat), then covered this again and let it go.
 After a while, I flipped the hash over and checked that a nice, crust was forming-perfect!
 Choice of fried eggs (mono boy got scrambled), Rye toast (trimmed off a bad corner that was starting to mold, salvaging the rest and pushing it to use it before we lose it! I am also now storing the Rye in the fridge-something I normally wouldn't do with bread)
OJ, hazelnut coffee and assorted mustards were offered as well. My breakfast plate. Lunch will be simple as a result, and later-I have PB & J planned again. Simple.


CT Bargain Mom said...

We have to store bread in the fridge - it turns faster than we can eat it

CTMOM said...

CT Bargain-my homemade, preservative free bread normally is an issue come Summer, this is Rye from Aldi's but it is older, so it's starting to go doesn't shock me, it's a sign of Summer here. No worries, I fed the bad part to the birds who readily accepted it, and we're eating down the rest-I think there are 3-4 slices remaining. It will soon be history!

Marcia in rural WNY said...

We also make ABM bread, and keep it in the fridge in the summer. We are sporadic users so it's difficult to foresee how much we will use in advance. Still, if it does mold, it goes to the birds (and squirrels) so it's not entirely wasted.