Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Summer routine, of sorts

 After yestserday's running around, I hung out late in my pj's today, which is why the colored clothes were dried on the sunporch (didn't want to shock the neighbors!) Once I showered, I was able to machine dry the towels for 25 minutes
 and then line dry them the rest of the way.

The garage entrance rug remains outside, in the elements. It has gotten much, much cleaner, even after I took a soapy brush and scrubbed it. I am letting Mother Nature finish the job. More rain in the forecast, too. I will probably reposition it by the garage to house door, come August.
 Since I was home this morning, I made French toast using the marked down, Challah bread I had, and served scrambled eggs with this.
 Enough leftover for another bfst this week.
 DD took leftovers to work, boys and I had tuna sandwiches.

 Mine was on the last 2 slices of the "emergency" white bread I bought during the outage
the boys had theirs on toasted, Kaiser rolls. One chose Provolone, the other Swiss and I made these patty melts by placing them under the tabletop, convection oven broiler.

A box of on sale Farfalle is being cooked tonight
I made enough sauce the other day, that this becomes a planned over for tonight. A pint of organic, CSA sugar snap peas are being steamed, served as the vegetable. Green salad with choice of dressing.

I also made some garlic-rosemary-Parmesan toast out of the remaining Kaiser rolls that needed to be used up.

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