Sunday, June 28, 2015

Stayed up late last night, and was quite productive!

so phase 2 will hopefully happen today:

 This is my desk corner of the living room. Currently, I have some "I know what it means, leave it alone!" piles to attend to. This really is a student's desk and once I have my forever home, I would like to move up to a big girl desk, where I can get more surface area to lay out my "to be delt with" papers. For now, I trudge on. This desk is paid for, and works, even if not as efficiently as I'd like it to.
 The dining room as of 11 p.m. last night, when I finally cried "Uncle!" and went to bed (I normally turn in at 9-teacher's hours!). Each pile is something that needs addressing, is sorted accordingly, and as noted above, will hopefully be tended to today.
 Although I just brought all of the trash/recycling over to the transfer station yesterday, emptying all recepticles in the process, here is my tall, kitchen garbage can that we use for recycling. It is now almost full, due to all of the papers that I culled through last night, and was able to disgard.
Tomorrow's mail ready to go: a package that is actually a return (blush!) which will result in a credit to my credit card, several out of network medical insurance claims, several reimbursement claims, several medical bills with payment (insurance company paid ME instead of the provider so I cashed the checks and now have to send a check to the provider), several bills including my Credit card which isn't due until the 17th of July but I just want all of the bills paid off before my surgery, my new lease, mail order RX forms, DMV form. A great feeling getting all of this tended to!

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