Monday, June 29, 2015

Recent freebies

I saw my allergist today, and my RX's were refilled.

I asked if I couldn't switch to a new RX, which is a formulation that combines the 2 sprays that I currently use. One of these aforementioned sprays is now OTC, which means I have to pay for it even though I have met my deductible. By switching to this 2 in one formula, it is a covered expense and currently free under my medical plan. So, no cost for the RX, no cost for OTC meds either. I also refilled my asthma inhaler, again at no cost.

He threw in some samples for me:

A new nasal lavage kit and a sample of this 2 step allergy spray formulation. Nice. I still have some of the single (2 separate RX's/sprays) to use up before moving to this all in one, combo spray. Hoping to leave my allergy costs to bare minimum.

Besides the visit to the allergist, a second medical appointment was also covered in full by insurance. No cost is nice.

DS #1 left this pineapple rum  behind (too sweet, he doesn't want it) so I plan on baking a pineapple rum cake with it. He also gifted a nip bottle of peach liquor. Not sure yet what I'll do with that, DD may simply drink it.

Freebies all the same.


SAK said...

CT - I was just prescribed the same 2 in 1 med for my allegories. Not sure if your health plan will always cover 100% of the cost - but in case it doesn't - the drug maker has a rebate program to reduce the co-pay/out of pocket by up to $100/month. My doctor gave me a card/flyer but it looks like you can just go on-line as well. Here is the link:

CTMOM said...


DYMISTA NASAL SPRAY 137MCG-50MCG (23GM) -B- Your Cost: $0.00

Yes, it's covered at this point @ 100% as I met my deductible. Changes to my medical insurance will take place, effective Sept 1-another reason I am running around, seeing my MD's and getting new RX's NOW. Tomorrow, I return to yet another MD for daily RX renewal. I will ask for a one time @ the pharmacy RX for 30 days as well as a mail order one for 90 days, thus giving me 4 months of RX at no cost (almost $800/3 months if I remember well). Starting in Sept, all medical and RX costs combined will go towards a $4000 deductible. Once met, I then have to meet a second deductible for RX (another $2000) BUT the charges will also have a 3 tier system of co-pays: $5, $25, $40 (again if I am correct on these figures, I will revisit my plan in Aug). So, even with numerous RX's here, it'll take some time to build up to the second RX deductible, meanwhile, all medical costs will be covered if in network (which most of ours are). Once/if the second RX deductible is met, all RX will be free. It's a game, I'm trying to play to win!
Thanks for the heads up on the dymista card. I'll look into it.

Catherine said...

Ooooo! How did the pineapple rum cake turn out?

CTMOM said...

Catherine, not made yet, will be sometime before I am up to it. We had birthday cakes to eat