Sunday, June 14, 2015

Planning ahead: July 2015 menus


Planning ahead for the new, upcoming month of July. I have 6 more days of work for the current year, with the last day being a workshop day. Besides the end of the quarter, being the end of the semester and the end of the year, this is my ubber crunch time. I am scheduled for hand surgery on July 2nd (2 procedures at the same time) so menus are adjusted accordingly. Having experienced these same procedures, just separately, on the right hand, I know what I am in for. I will be casted for 3 weeks, then have a removable splint for more weeks, starting OT in September, when my new insurance year plan begins. While I will be incurring charges for OT effective in Sept, since I will be back under benefit (exahusted mine this insurance year with unexpected surgery due to accident in March), and can pay those charges with monies in my HSA account. Surgery and associated costs in July will be fully paid out by insurance-another reason to get it done NOW, not to mention the pain I have had for some time now. Having a high pain tolerance, if something hurts, it's never good. Recent Xrays confirmed that my left thumb is as bad as my right one was. Moving forward . .

Here are the July menus, keeping easy prep in mind, foods on hand, and the change in visitation for the twins over the Summer (they stay with me Sun night-Fri, every other weekend they are home, Wed night is dinner with Dad night). Vegetables are often "TBD" as my CSA pickup is on Monday's for the Summer. Based upon what we receive, menus are tweaked:

2-Baked Haddock, tater tots, fzn mixed vegetables
4-grilled, fzn beef burgers, canned baked beans, macaroni salad
5-grilled hot dogs, l/o sides from the 4th
6-salmon cakes, coleslaw, steamed carrots
7-chicken Parmesan (use fzn breaded cutlets), over spaghetti, salad
9-baked ziti w/ homemade marinara and topped with cheese, salad
10-BSCB sauteed into a prepared box of low salt chicken Rice a roni as a one skillet meal, salad, fzn peas and fzn creamed onions mixed together
11-grilled fzn beef burgers, salad
12-CP beef-turkey (use fzn meat) meatloaf, mashed potatoes, veg
13-horseradish crusted fish, brown rice, veg
14-hamburger and macaroni (use fzn beef), salad
16-vegetarian stir fry over ginger rice mix ( a lurker I've been trying to use up for months!)
18-tuna sandwiches
19-CP corned beef and cabbage (getting the last cheap CB out of the garage freezer!)
20-tuna cakes, tater tots, veg
21-planned over: corned beef hash, canned pork beans, coleslaw
23-baked shell macaroni with marinara and topped with cheese, salad
24-beef (use fzn meat)-pinto bean tacos of soft tortillas, canned corn
25-tuna-baby shell macaroni salad (finishes the last of this pasta), salad
26-BBQ chicken leg quarters, brown rice, veg
27-homemade black bean burgers, salad, veg
28-hotdog casserole, veg, salad
30-omelettes, homefried potatoes

There is little that I anticipate having to buy or asking DD to buy. I will be on driving restrictions until I am off narcotics, perhaps longer, depending upon how I am doing. I tend to heal well, and quickly so I am anticipating 1 week of RX (won't even ask for a new RX as I have plenty leftover from last time. Even though it'll be free to me, I won't need it and there is no reason to keep RX narcotics like that around the house, IMO). Ice packs, elevation and Advil will be my best friends.


carol pavlik said...

Hi have my sympathies regarding your medical problems I'm glad you have your daughter to help. I love to read your menu lists and they have given me inspiration. I love to shop at Aldi and to that almost exclusively. But most of their fish is from China or around there. What do you buy that you feel comfortable with? I look forward to your blog posts. Carol Pavlik

CTMOM said...

Carol P
I'd have to dig the fzn fish out of the freezer to be sure, but that said, I DO read labels and attempt to buy USA or Canadian wild caught/Northern Atlantic fish whenever possible. Canned, wild caught Alaskan salmon is a staple here, as is both chunk lite tuna (Aldi's brand) and albacore (ALdi's, national or store brands). I shop by price point.
Thanks for the kind words about my medical issues, this upcoming surgery has been known about for years. Osteo Arthritis, it's simply a matter of time for my joints. I now have a rhumatologist, have just had a bone scan done (at 51! when the norm is 65) and am doing/will do additonal lab work tomorrow.