Saturday, June 20, 2015

Planning ahead: garlic Parmesan cicabatta toasts for the freezer

 Part of today's grocery haul included 2, 8 count bags of ciabatta rolls. I grabbed them, as I knew that I can easily convert these into homemade garlic toast for upcoming months, especially for while I am recovering from surgery and DD and my sons are on KP duty. I started by cutting the rolls in 1/2, then spreading Aldi's version of Smart balance spread on them, topping with an herbed, garlic Parmesan cheese (heavily sprikled on one side only before topping with the second, "buttered" side) I bought recently (sale plus large coupon) intending to make garlic bread with it. I wrapped each sandwiched garlic toast in plastic wrap, then stored them back in the original ciabatta roll bag, which is now in the freezer. To use, all that we will have to do is unwrap, place on a tray and toast them for 7 minutes in the table top convection mini oven. A nice side to an Italian inspired pasta dinner.
Here's a close up of the rolls and the Parmesan-herb-garlic topping I used.


Ms. Sandie said...

I froze half of the ciabatta rolls we purchased at costco earlier in the month. Wish I had thought to do this! Looks delicious.

CT Bargain Mom said...

That's a great idea! I'm borrowing it next time I but those rolls, I will gave go work fast though - they get gobbled up fast here.