Sunday, June 14, 2015

Making do with what we have, at least for now

as a means to keeping costs to a minimum.  Twin sons will be in separate rooms for the first time, since their birth almost 17 years ago!
 Here is their originally shared room, now designated as DS #3's room, which I am calling the blue room. Here he has what was originally my brother's bed, a bookcase that my paternal grandfather made out of an old shipping crate, existing bedding including a coverlet that I reversed, leaving the solid blue side showing. Sale prices long curtains flank the sides of the double window. DD has the identical curtains, with only one panel per window. Her windows are small, she can get away with it. Fast forward and I will have 2 sets of these basic blue curtains to reuse in my forever home.

 He has the existing bendable desk lamp, and will need a lamp for his dresser-something that I will find on the second hand market. I looked unsuccessfully this weekend.
 The opposite side of the room, showing clothing to be stored, a mirror to be moved to DS #2's room. In this corner, I anticipate placing DS#3's mid century desk (a Craigslist deal), now that he has room for it.
 He's a bit of a fashion diva but with his twin's clothing removed out of the smallest closet in this house, he has plenty of room for more. Lots of shelves, too. Shoes stored below, Winter bedspread and extra blankets above.
 Here now is DS #2's room, which is the room recently vacated by DS #1 and the Gf. I intentionally gave him the grey/blue/cranberry braided rug (originally my LR rug circa 1990)as his twin suffers from allergies while this twin has temperature regulation issues. He needs extra warmth. Here he has my bed from childhood, along with my night table. Existing bedding is being used, including a multi striped coverlet in white, blue, chocolate, celery green, cranberry.
 Opposite side of room, I've placed a chair. No curtains as DS & GF took the short, brown curtains that I made for them. No worries, they were repurposed from a 2 panel pair of curtains originally at the former rental in the MBR only covering one window while the other window was bare.

I have ordered these curtains for this room, which I am calling the grey room:
They are on sale, I used a 30% off promo, I used Kohl's cash, I used a merchandise credit I have, so I am out only $68 and I get free shipping to my home, arriving by the end of next week. I again ordered only 4 panels, and these are in a 63" shorter length.
 He has the large chest on chest that DX and I were given by my now XMIL when they purchased their current home, and at which the former owners left this bureau behind. He gets an existing lamp, but will need one for the night table. Thrift shops will be my source.
 DS#2 gets a double closet but really only one side will be used for clothes. He has much more Winter clothes than his twin, extra blankets and Winter bedspread stored on top shelf.
The right side of the closet hold really rustic, makeshift shelves (when we moved in, the LL said to just knock them down, if we wished). Instead, I am now using them to help sort the twin sized sheets with cases on top, flat sheets in the middle, bottom sheets on the bottom. Perfect.

So, we're "redecorating" as I move twins around. House is clean, the boy's rooms are well organized. Besides the 2 aforementioned lamps and the 4 curtain panels, I forsee no other expenditure.


Theresa F said...

Love the braided rug.

Mary Lou said...

Are the twins excited to have their own space? By the way, their rooms look great!! Good work mom!!

saraband said...

I imagine you'll enjoy having the extra space.

CT Bargain Mom said...

Love the minimalist look! More stuff means it's harder to keep clean. (Try telling my teens that - they don't get it)

CT Bargain Mom said...

Minimalist look is hip & easy to keep clean. I keep telling my kids this, hoping they will catch on soon