Sunday, June 14, 2015

Frugal housecleaning

 Unless it's the week that my monthly cleaning service has been here, general housecleaning takes place every weekend. When I divorced, I brought my cleaning stash with me, and I've been using it up. Most is gone, some items remain, but we continue to actively use them up, if not reduce them. Case in point: the now empty bottle of Fantastik. Price tag tells me that I bought it at Xpect, paying $2.09. Knowing how I've acquired these items, I am certain that I use a $1 off coupon, bringing my out the door price down to $1.09. Identical bottles retail for $3.49 and up at the regular grocery stores. I grabbed my rectangular bucket with handle (freebie from the transfer station some time ago) and filled it with general cleaning supplies. I now store this in the upstairs hall closet, and simply tote it with me as I clean bathrooms, for example. I'm not brand loyal, so any will do. I've also turned a lot to Dollar Tree for my cleaning supplies. I also hope to reduce just what I use, keeping it simple, and more naturally based. This weekend found me cleaning all 3 bathrooms, vacuuming the wood floors, brick floor of the sunroom, the area rugs. DS #1 and the GF rarely took their outside shoes off when home, even though expected to, and my floors had been much dirtier much faster than they should have. Ditto the scatter rugs, which I washed yesterday. Although those who recently vacated were supposed to, as agreed upon in writing, help in general cleaning and upkeep of what I call "common areas" of the home, there is only one occassion that the center hall bath was cleaned. I was lucky whenever they took care of their dirty dishes, placing them in the awaiting dishwasher vs stacking them in the sink, per usual. They were also supposed to keep their bedroom clean, noting that the cleaning service would do a deep clean once/month. Based upon the dust bunnies found, the furniture (it was wall to wall in there) was never moved to clean behind. Yuck. It's now freshly cleaned. I am anticipating a much cleaner house now that they have gone, taking the GF's cat (more of a long haired breed than our 2, and one that shed all over the upstairs hall carpet, not that the GF every cleaned it up) with them.
 Although I typically vacuum just once a week, I Swiffer daily, as we have allergies, in an attempt to do damage control, and due to owning 2 cats. I have a small stockpile of mostly generic Swiffer pads that I use. Once I deem a pad to be dirty, I switch it over,
exposing the "clean" side or the underside of the used pad. Once this second side is gross, out it goes. I do not like using disposibles, and these pads, once used up, will be replaced with my microfiber pads, that I can wash.

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