Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Filling in around the edges

 I recently bought some clothes for the twin's upcoming birthday and came across a few items to restock my own wardrobe, including this set of black, cotton "no show " peds on clearance as the package was torn
 3 solid colored, longer length(LOVE these!) V neck, dressier T's that are seasonless for me-on sale. 2 polka dotted sweaters underneath are going back, the arms are too short.

I also got 4 more casual T's but suitable for work, if desired as a layering piece. All tops were on sale.


NJB said...

These were recently on sale here as well for $5 each. I picked up four for work, seems that despite wearing aprons over them I still manage to get grease on any shirt I wear to work.

Arden said...

I have given up on the clothes from Target. They just don't wash well. I need to get more than 3 wearings out of my clothes. Hope you have better luck.