Friday, June 26, 2015

Cheap eats

will be the theme this Summer-but is that really any different from the rest of the year? LOL! Bfst choices today were yogurt, hard boiled or scrambled eggs, donuts, banana choc chip muffins, OJ, coffee, milk. I was up and out early, dealing with some appointments from my many that are scheduled before my surgery in 6 days. Lunch today is being squeezed in before I take DS off to a followup interview for his Summer job. PB & J on store bought white (no power for several days meant no baking. While I do know how to work around this, if I HAD to, the urgency simply wasn't there.) PB came home from work (I always keep a snack drawer, just in case at work) and the jam was a BTS seasonal special I believe, from last August. I normally buy 4 large jars/year, and it's always in Aug. Milk or water were beverage offerings (bought fresh milk today, so pushing the older milk, which is now gone).
Dinner will be a pasta salad, using a sale plus cpn bag of Wacky mac, a can of crash n burn pink beans, some chopped veggies, vinaigrette. Not yet sure what I will offer to accompany this salad. Leftovers/planned overs will be for tomorrow's lunch. Planning ahead, and avoiding food waste in the process.


CT Bargain Mom said...

Thinking the same thing here. It's eat it up weekend. It's one way to keep the budget in check.
You lost power this week - you get a pass on the store bought bread (I'm sure you didn't pay full price off it)

CTMOM said...

CT the bread was "on sale" at $3/loaf. @@ This is why I prefer to make my own.