Saturday, June 20, 2015

Be vigilent!

Sometime in the end of May, I noticed that I couldn't find my CC in my wallet, which had started loosening up, frequently spilling my cards out. Apparently, my CC was dropped. I checked, rechecked, looked -can't find it. I immediately called my bank, who transerred me to Credit Card services. The customer rep. suggested that I give it a few days, how could I be without a CC????!!??, she asked. I told her that I have a Debit card, it's fine.  I insisted that 1) she immediately read off to me all charges (I had also looked on line to see if anything was out of whack) 2) freeze/block that card and 3) send me a replacement card with a different number. She agreed to do that.

Being that this is my crazy time of year at work, I had forgotten about it for a few weeks, having simply used my debit card for purchases if I didn't have cash. Once I realized that too much time had passed, I called the bank again for an update on the new CC. Apparently, while yes, the original account/CC was blocked, the order for a new card never went through. Sigh. Ok, can you send me one with a new number? Absolutely.

I now have my new CC, with a new number, and have activated it. I also have a new  to me leaather wallet ( ) with really tight slots for the few cards that I must carry (insurance, ID, Kohl's and this Visa, library card, store incentive cards etc)and this wallet has a strap that snaps down securely.  A $3 investment.

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