Saturday, June 27, 2015

Another rummage through, finding inspiration for lunch today

 I have a running list of "to do's" which included a rummage through the kitchen freezer. I had a good idea of what was in there, but it desperately needed organization. I unearthed some items I didn't realize I had (OJ and butter in this case), which is keeping those items off the grocery list for now.  There is a smaller Sherpardess pie, a cheese lasagna in there along with several containers of homemade stuffing, a few of homemade baked beans, of home made gravy, of home made stock. I also have hotdogs, cold packs, assorted tubs of sorbet, some ice cream that DD bought.
 A few opened bags of fzn vegetables, fzn cheese, fzn fish fillets, a box of DD's organic vegetarian burritos.
 I was pleased to unearth several, small tubs of spaghetti sauce. Come Summer, yes, I cook lunch almost every day.
 the remaining 1/4 lb of hot Italian sausage
 1/2 bag of fzn onions and peppers

I browned off the sausage with 1/2 of the remaining peppers/onions and added a small can of mushrooms. When using little meat, I like to bulk up the sauce with lots of vegetables, even though the leftover frozen tubs of spaghetti sauce contained vegetables as well.
 I added the 4 tubs of l/o sauce and blended it all together. I covered it and let it simmer 30 minutes.
 Presto! Homemade sauce for lunch, which included some meatballs as well-a nice bonus.

I cooked up the last of the wagon wheel pasta (was a crash n burn deal on imported, Italian pasta)
here's one kidlet's lunch, topped with plenty of Parmesan. DS #3 was recently diagnosed with mono, so soft foods it is!

One portion is leftover, already stored in a container for DD to take to work tomorrow, and I have a repurposed quart container of leftover sauce for an upcoming supper this week.

I also cooked down the older apples, which will be run through a Foley food mill to make apple sauce to accompany lunches this week.

No one was interested in these older apples, but the apple sauce sure is going down easily! : )


Ms. Sandie said...

You have inspired me and I went through our freezer and made several recipe plans.

CTMOM said...

Sandie, I love being able to cobble together a meal out of bits of this n that. We really need to use what is on hand. I have several large OOP medical bills that I need to pay off, our family situation changed so I am redoing the monthly budget to accomodate that change.