Thursday, June 25, 2015

After the storm: fridge clean out and freezer inventory

 Everything was removed, the fridge washed down today. Got tons in there as I have bought ahead both for the Summer but also due to my upcoming surgery, which will restrict my driving until I am off narcotics, if not longer, depending upon how well I do. Based on comparable procedures, I estimate 5-7 days.
 Very well stocked going into the next few weeks. We will need milk, 1/2 & 1/2.
 Veggie drawer got a good cleaning out, as supper was intentionally based upon it's contents. We did lose some more fragile greens, but they were a bit long in the tooth, so no worries there.
 Berries were cut up, sugared and served for dessert along with cake
 Here are some lettuce leaves that were gone through, not dried and repackaged for the fridge.
 I pulled iffy cukes out of some leftover salad, and composted them. If not eaten by lunch tomorrow, the remaining salad leaves will join them.
A fresh pot of iced, herbal tea

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