Saturday, June 20, 2015

Addressing household wants and needs

As Summer approaches, and I am off work, but with surgery looming in the near future, I am trying to stay on top of things, including addressing some household wants and needs. I just have to stick to a budget, and do this as economically as possible.  First up, a want: this electrical cover plate is now "exposed" to view, since DS #2 took over the room his older brother was in. No longer having wall to wall furniture in there, it's very visable. A cheap fix, I'll recover it, estimating $1 will do it.

I had previously planned out my morning errands to make the best use of both my time and my car. First stop: outside a local coffee house to get this from a person selling on a local town's facebook tagsale site:

A vintage mirror for either my or aforementioned DS #2's bedroom. I already have a narrow, vintage, bevelled (sp?) glass mirror over my dresser, but have always wanted something larger. He simply would like a mirror. I initially looked on line at places like Home Depot, Lowe's, moved to JCP, Kohl's, Target-I simply am not looking to drop $100 if not more on a cheaply made thing that most likely originates from China.  I have always preferred older, quality items. This is a nice, heavy mirror. Has some spots along the bottom (no idea where it was used/stored) that is loosing the finish and is very dry. The seller told me that he was going to redo it, instead decided to unload it. He suggested lightly sanding the area and restaining. I don't want to fool with trying to rematch existing stain, so, I plan on trying some of the tinted Old English oil I already own, doing 2 applications, and then buffing it out with some wax. This will hopefully do the trick. Worse case scenario: I restain or paint the entire piece. Price for mirror: $15

 I stopped in at a local hardware store for these supplies. $14.44

Next stop: meeting in the parking lot of a local museum for a replacement bread maker. I've had multiple over the years, some were freebies (3 of them), some I paid for (always second hand: $8, $12, $30-that last one was new in box!). Having 2 on hand is very helpful for me, as I prefer to mix up the dough for bread/pizza, for example, and bake 2 off at the same time vs having to wait for a second dough cycle to go through and finish. I have experimented with using my KA mixer, results weren't stellar. This system works for me. This  was also found on the aforementioned, local town FB tag sale site. Price for this barely used ABM: $20. New ABM's can go for $100!

Next stop: Trader Joe's, where I picked up this medium sized, Pampered Chef bar pan (with scrapper-love those!). I actually bought this from a long time, "on line friend" through now defunct AOL boards. Fun to meet her in real life. I was looking for a large bar pan, as I broke mine years ago and sorely miss it. She offered this one up for $5, so I grabbed it. Per the PC site, these retail for $26.50. Nice to chat for a few minutes before we each went about our day. I did shop TJ's-I'll leave that for a separate post.

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Belinda said...

Some brown shoe polish will go a long way on restoring the bottom of the mirror.