Monday, June 29, 2015

A running around kind of a day

but I got several things off of my list:

-annual visit with allergist
-annual gyno visit
-bought 2 work T's for DS in the desired color @ under $5 each, but I have resources that cover this. Still best to get these items as cheaply as possible, my OOP remains $0
-grabbed a few grocery items: huge lb canister of grated Parmesan (I forsee lots of pasta this Summer), a loaf of junky store brand bread @ $1.18, a tube of store brand "Neosporin", 2 jugs milk. Total spent: $16.78

-found a bedside lamp for DS #2 Total spent: $14.18 (my budget was $20 or less)
-found a pair of flip flop sandals for DS #3 who earlier (say late Spring) told me he didn't need/want any @@, so selection was limited: $10.62

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