Sunday, June 28, 2015

A mini project

 I have been saving this now cut down, piece of paperboard for months now, with a mini project in mind
 The backside has a large magnet glued on as it was originally a grocery list pad that is kept on the fridge. I used the last sheet of paper, but was inspired to upcycle or repurpose what remains into something useful. I cut off the excess length, and have recycled it.

This will become a clean/dirty sign to keep on the dishwasher. Will have to decorate it somehow, and make a sliding panel to uncover/cover the clean vs dirty wording. More to follow.


Bobbie said...

The dishwasher signs I've seen simply have "clean" on the top half, and then (turned 180 degrees), "dirty."

You just rotate the magnet with the "correct" word on top.

CTMOM said...

Bobbie-thanks, that's the type of direction I needed! Don't want to overcomplicate this. : )