Sunday, June 28, 2015

$87.98 for the Summer


Receipts have been tallied from recent mega stock ups,and  crash and burn deals as I replenished depleated stores on hand in preparation for my upcoming surgery as well as the Summer in general. Grocery budget has been revised:

-Organic CSA share $83.33
-Grocery store $216.67 plus $100 from DD's contribution
-Restaurant $50

Monies for the CSA are set aside, and the bulk of the monies for July and Aug store expenditure are pretty much depleated, leaving me $87.98 for grocery shopping for the Summer. I really hope to stay within budget these upcoming months, as I address other expenses which have monies set aside for, such as chimney sweep, getting fire wood. The restaurant portion equals $100, and therefor leaves me some significant wiggle room. July menus are planned, I am even now planning weekly "3 squares" to help ensure that A) we eat what is on hand B)we avoid food waste C) we avoid purchases. We are blessed to have the CSA share, which I prepaid back in Feb and April (2 split payments). The pantry and freezers are full, we are in good shape.

Now to just stay the course . . . .

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CT Bargain Mom said...

Wow! That would cover your milk and emergency bread purchases