Sunday, June 7, 2015



List of specials and loss leaders in hand, along with some coupons, I headed out this morning, first to Dollar Tree to  exchange an open package and then over to Stop and shop. Here's what I got:

Dairy case fresh OJ, qt low fat vanilla yogurt, 10 individual yogurts, 2 All 42 count detergents, 2 Snuggle fabric softener liquid, 1 box Ritz crackers, 2 large cans store brand "V8" juice (I like this for soups, but DS also drinks it) on market down @ $1.14/can and they are in pristine condition), 1 28 oz can Bush's baked beans getting one can store brand of same size free, 1 20 oz Heinz ketchup getting 1 20 oz store brand ketchup free, 1 French's yellow mustard 20 oz getting 1 20 oz store brand yellow mustard free, 1 pkg Ball Park beef hot dogs getting 1 pkg store brand beef hot dogs free (interesting promos), 2 Vo5 shampoo (25 cents ea after coupon), 2 Suave Professionals shampoo, 1 Colgate toothpaste, 1 lb store brand bacon @$2.99 loss leader, 3 lbs SC peaches @ 88 cents/lb,. I saved $11.09 in coupons, getting this order down to just over $40. Very happy with these deals.

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Sandie Apuzzo said...

Nicely done! You just reminded me I have some Stop and Shop coupons I got in the mail, need to check them out!