Saturday, May 16, 2015

What's been cooking?

 Sunday Mother's Day supper was the marinated BSCb
 that I ended up broiling inside the house, in lieu of grilling
 organic, CSA asparagus was steamed
 and served alongside the sliced chicken breast, which topped a large salad-perfect in my book!
 Fish on Monday took advantage of 2 cans of pink salmon from my pantry shelves

 Stretched the salmon with homemade bread crumbs, grated carrot, spices, eggs
8 generous fish cakes (2 planned overs for lunches at work)
 I mixed a new batch of tartar sauce to accompany the salmon cakes I made
 Some long in the tooth, carrots were steamed
 and then added to some leftover, steamed broccoli, and leftover canned corn= mixed veggies
 A large tossed salad (we're really enjoying the return of salads to the dinner table!)
 served with a wide selection of dressings, including 2 Ken's dressings that were recently purchased (combining a sale with a large coupon)

 Crock Pot Tuesday: the last of my pot roasts was cooked, while still frozen, using a can of Golden mushroom soup, and  a packet of gifted to us, French onion soup mix. I also added additional pepper

The cooked meat that I came home to.
 Once home, I boiled some potatoes
 Chopped some organic, CSA chive
 and made a batch of chive, mashed potatoes-yummy!

 Canned corn rounded out the dinner.

A large salad was offered

I made 2 gallons of iced tea for the week, if it lasts that long!

Wednesday was dinner for one, and I was very sore from PT, so a bowl of cereal, and I was off to bed early. I still hurt, 2 days later. I will NOT use that particular PT therapist again. : (
 Thursday became use it up night, including the planned overs from the pot roast on Tuesday. I had very little meat, the rest of some mushrooms, a can of cream of mushroom soup, milk, black pepper, an onion, so as to create my sauce. Kids brought home some leftover steak from Wed's dinner, so that was added to the pot. I used a frozen container of leftover mushroom-onion brown gravy that I had stuck in the freezer. Good to use it up!
 The finished sauce
 I cooked a 12 oz bag of egg noodles (Dollar Tree) and used the rest of the sour cream, added at the end
A pkg of frozen, mixed veggies completed the meal.

Another beautiful salad

Friday night was crazy run around night, so I grabbed 2 take n bake pizzas from Aldi's an saved $ over ordering out. It worked. $10. Fine.

 saturday night= sandwich night, we had sloppy joes, using my last cans of sauce, 2 fzn tubes of ground turkey
I normally don't buy the 12 oz steamer bags as I prefer not to cook in plastic, and there is usually 4 oz less of product. I used the last bag of CA blend plus a 1/2 bag of peas, and a 1/2 bag of mixed vegetables to mix up my own blend of mixed veggies. Additional side (not shown) was the laset bag of tater tots.


Lee Ann said...

I see you have homemade Ranch dressing. What is your recipe? I love love love Ranch dressing!

CTMOM said...

Lee, I am currently using up some organic, Ranch mix (think like Hidden valley) that I unearthed from the back of the cabinet. I don't have a recipe, sorry