Sunday, May 10, 2015

What's been cooking?

 Tuesday night's leftover taco tomatoes and lettuce were carried over into Wednesday's dinner plan. The tomatoes topped the salad, while the juice left behind was added to the jar of organic marianara we received in last week's CSA share.
 A box of plain, store brand ziti was dressed in this marinara, optional Parmesan freshly grated on top, while diners were at the table
 Steamed, fresh broccoli
A mostly organic salad of Romaine from taco night, the aforementioned tomatoes, cucumber, pea shoots, mixed baby salad greens. There was a choice of salad dressing.

Thursday was a very late night for me, I ended up ordering out pizza, but I set aside monies every month towards "take out/restaurant."

Friday night was unusually hot for CT, temperature hit 88 according to my car monitor. I grabbed some fresh ground beef at the market and asked DS #1 to grill outside. I also warmed up some canned baked beans as a side.

Saturday night was egg and olive salad sandwiches on Kaiser rolls. Simple.

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Lee Ann said...

Egg and olive salad. That sounds interesting. What is the recipe?