Saturday, May 2, 2015

What's been cooking?

 Fish on Monday this week culled the remaning fzn fillets of Tilapia and cod out of the freezer. Buttered, baby shell pasta, honey carrots completed supper

Tuesday (not pictured) was chicken cacciatore over brown rice, using the last of our bone in chicken from the freezer. We are now almost out of rice.

Wed was yoyo leftover night but I did cook as I pre-made Thursday's supper, as I knew that I'd be returning home late.  

 I made pate chinois, using 1 lb fzn grond beef, and the leftover steak that I ground up in the Cuisinart, a large onion.
 More instant potatoes out of the pantry, not my top pick, but these were gifted to us and will do in a pinch, especially in a casserole type dish.
 2 more cans of cream corn out of the pantry
 The casserole, dotted with butter, ready for the fridge. Came home @ 6 p.m. Thurs, popped it into the oven (along with a pan of brownies since the oven was on, using the last mix) then I made an apple-raisin coleswlw, which is traditionally served with this dish.
 My dinner plate
The aforementioned cole slaw.

Again no photo for Friday, another leftover night. I cooked some linguini and served reheated chicken cacciatore over that.

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